Financial Education Day, 1 October

You’ve probably seen them already. Trees from whose branches hang symbols that represent everything you need to successfully manage your personal finances. They're on posters, city buses, educational centres...and their branches provide shelter for us all.

This tree is the image of Financial Education Day, which we will be celebrating on 1 October. The Banco de España, the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Education and numerous other institutions participating in the Finance for All initiative will be hosting events throughout the country to underline the importance of rationally planning our household finances.

This year, Financial Education Day also wants to highlight the importance of the elderly: those who taught us the value of money, how to save, to make our pocket money go further, who passed on the practical wisdom which we have subsequently applied to our finances, and whom we can now help to understand the new financial products and to use new technologies safely. 

In the coming days, the Portal will post the main events organised to promote Financial Education Day and will publicise those for which you can already sign up, such as the Charity Run for Financial Education and Inclusion, which will be held in Madrid on Sunday 30 September. And, of course, there will be tips and recommendations to better manage your personal finances.

So now you know. When you see one of our trees, get closer. We can all take shelter under their branches.

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