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What documentation do I need from my bank to arrange a mortgage? Can my bank apply charges to an account I haven’t used for years? Do I have to open an account to be able to access an inheritance? These are just some examples of questions that are frequently put to the Banco de España, by telephone (34 900.545.454/ 34 913.388.830), in writing, using the contact formAbre en ventana nueva or addressed to Banco de España, Market Conduct and Claims Department, C/ Alcalá 48, 28014, Madrid, or in person at the Banco de España headquarters in MadridAbre en ventana nueva or at any of its branch officesAbre en ventana nueva.

Every Friday we publish an example of the most frequently asked questions, to help you settle any doubts you may have as to your rights and obligations as a bank customer and to guide you when making decisions on standard banking transactions.

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