The Bank Customer Portal: over half a million visits


The Bank Customer Portal received more than 500,000 monthly visits last July. The number of members of the general public visiting our website to resolve their doubts, use our tools and consult data to plan their finances has grown gradually in 2020.

The Portal provides consumers with the content in which they are interested, using simple, familiar language. Its information is intended for the public at large, individuals and small business owners, for whom it details the main banking products and services and provides tools and resources for typical operations.

So far in 2020 the most visited permanent sections are: the simulators (834,479 visits); interest rates (231,830 visits); the Central Credit Register (64,434 visits); and the pages dedicated to enquiries and complaints (77,532 visits).

The content published on the blog was visited more than 170,000 times. Prominent topics included, among others, the moratorium on loan repayments; how to encash a cheque; what to do when a bank account holder passes away; and the financial education questionnaires for testing and improving the general public’s financial culture.

The ongoing drive to improve and adapt our content to the general public's demands has been reflected in the number of visits to the website. These have increased markedly compared with last year, establishing the Bank Customer Portal as one of the leading websites for consumers.

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