2021 Complaints Report


We have published the Banco de España Complaints Report, which contains information on the complaints and enquiries submitted by the public in 2021. The Report also includes the best practice criteria applied by the Banco de España to resolve them.

The Report details a large number of cases raised by the public and the solution given by the Banco de España. Take a look because it is very likely to clarify questions about banking services for you or even reflect a case similar to the one you are concerned about. The Report has a navigable index that makes it easier to search for the case of interest to you.

Also, we have just celebrated 35 years of offering this service to the public. In this time we have analysed close to 400,000 complaints and more than 600,000 enquiries.

In 2021 we processed 34,330 complaints and 48,955 enquiries. Complaints increased by 61% compared to 2020. The increase is not due to one single reason, but rather it is widely distributed among the main banking products. You can consult the Report and you will see that in 2021 nearly 70% of the complaints that reached the final stage of processing were resolved in favour of the claimant and that more and more institutions are rectifying their actions.

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