Can I be charged with fees when depositing cash in another holder’s account?

It depends.

When signing current account contracts, among other issues, you are entitled to a range of services from your bank such as withdrawing and depositing funds, withdrawing funds through cheques and paying direct debits. This cash service provided to account holders is what precisely characterises current account contracts, and it is included within account maintenance fees.

Therefore, in general terms, the bank cannot charge you for this service. Should it do so, it would be charging twice: to the account holder and to the person depositing the funds.

However, there is an exemption to every rule. If you requested an additional service, such as specifying the concept of the deposit, the bank may charge a fee. However, it must inform you about the exact amount of such fee and it must request your consent.

Nevertheless, there are cases in which charging a fee is considered unfair. For instance, it does not seem reasonable to be charged just for indicating your name when depositing cash into an account, or when the bank considers you are performing a bank transfer instead of an ordinary deposit of funds, when doing so at a different branch from where you opened your account.

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