Has your bank account been charged twice? We’ll help you solve the problem

Occasionally, you may be charged twice for a card payment, for example, when grocery shopping in the supermarket or paying the bill in a restaurant.

First of all, you should know that the bank requires your authorisation for any payment to be charged to your bank account. Therefore, a second charge would be incorrect. What should you do if this happens? What are your rights? 

  • As a first step, contact your bank as soon as you realise that there is an incorrect charge on your account. You have a maximum of 13 months to do so from the moment the charge was made. 

  • Once you have reported it, your bank must refund your for the total amount of the unauthorised payment. 

  • Finally, remember that the bank is required to present documentary proof of every transaction you make. Otherwise, the burden of proof would be reversed, requiring the customer, who did not create the system, to prove that he/she has not carried out the transaction or made the purchase in question.

If the problems persists, or you are not happy with the way your bank has dealt with it, you can file a claim

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