Cash deposit fee

When you take out a bank account you are entitled to a number of services, including a “cashier service” from your bank, allowing you to deposit and withdraw cash, write out cheques and pay direct debits. This cashier service is precisely the product’s main feature and is included in the account’s maintenance charges (if any).

As a rule, your bank will therefore not be able to charge for making cash deposits, as if it did, it would be duplicating the fee, i.e. charging both the account holder (through the account maintenance charges) and the person making the deposit.

However, there may be exceptions. If you ask for any additional services, such as including a reference stating what the deposit is for, the bank may charge you. However, you must be informed of the cost in advance and you cannot be charged without authorisation.

In certain other cases it is not considered permissible for the bank to charge a fee. For example, it is not reasonable that you be charged for stating your name when making a deposit, nor that the bank charge you for a transfer when you make a deposit at a branch other than that where the account is held.

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