Financial intermediation in the loan market

Some of the activities commonly carried out by credit institutions, such as offering intermediation between clients and credit institutions or granting loans, are not exclusive to supervised institutions. When those activities are carried out by institutions or individuals other than credit institutions, who usually also offer other services, such as advisory services, real estate agency  or intermediary agents, you must bear in mind that they are not subject to Banco de España's supervision. It may be of interest Ley 2/2009, de 31 de marzoAbre en ventana nueva which regulates the contracting with consumers of mortgage loans or credits and intermediation services for signing these contracts, when contracts are not taken out by credit institutions or their agents.

Banco de España is responsible for the supervision of the credit institutions such as banks, savings banks, credit co-operatives, branch offices of foreign credit institutions and specialised lending institutions  as well as other institutions outside the scope of credit institutions, like electronic money institutions (EMIs), mutual guarantee or re-guarantee companies, valuation companies and payment institutions.

Banco de España’s website provides a register of  the institutions under its supervision, as well as of the agents acting on behalf of those institutions. 

If you want to check if the bank which has made you an offer, or the bank with which you are interested in taking out a banking product is supervised by Banco de España, click on the link below to access the register of institutions and their agents:

Access to the Official Institutions RegisterAbre en ventana nueva

Access to the Official Agents RegisterAbre en ventana nueva

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