You cancelled your account… or maybe not?

If you intend to cancel your bank account, leaving it with a zero balance will not be enough. You must give your bank specific and written instructions requesting its cancellation. It’s the only way to ensure the account no longer remains active and accruing unwanted expenses and fees.

In any case, if we haven’t cancelled the account properly or we no longer use it, the bank has the obligation to inform it’s customer about expenses and fees that may be accrued if the account isn’t canceled and remains active.

You must bear in mind that, even if there are no transactions on the account, your bank may continue to charge the account management fees that were agreed on the contract. However, it must also continue providing you information regularly by sending account settlement documents and the annual summary of fees and interests.

Even though the credit institution is entitled to charge account management fees in these cases, it cannot charge any fee or interest due to the overdraft produced by charging said management fees. Such conduct would be considered to be against best banking practices and financial uses.

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