Tips to prevent debit-credit card fraud


Prevention is better than cure. Follow these tips if you want to make it difficult for thieves and avoid as many unpleasant surprises due to fraudulent use of your card as possible:

Never write the secret number on a piece of paper and carry it with your card in your purse or wallet. It’s better to memorize it.

  • Avoid using as your PIN data that can be easily guessed, such as date of birth and DNI (Spanish National Identity Document).
  • Show some identification document when using the card.
  • Take confidentiality measures when making transactions, both in establishments and at ATMs. Don't let anyone see you when typing your PIN.
  • If you don't use your card regularly, make sure you still have it.
  • Check your account statements to detect any suspicious transactions.
  • Keep the telephone number provided by your bank for these cases in a safe place and separately from the card.
  • Do not leave the card number visible or give it to another person.
  • Keep in a safe place or destroy any document containing your name and card number, such as receipts.
  • Don't use the credit card as a personal identification.
  • When using the card for online shopping, use at least three security measures: secret number, signature, code card, SMS, password, token, fingerprint… 
  • Do not provide the card's key data when performing distance payments (over the phone, internet, etc.), unless it is with fully trusted people or at safe websites.
  • If your card is replaced (due to expiry, theft etc.), it is better to pick the new one up personally at the bank’s office rather than waiting to receive it at home by post.
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