What fee can I be charged for taking out a debit or credit card?

Among the fees that credit institutions have frequently charged during the final quarter of 2017, the average annual fee for issuing a debit card was 15.58 Euros, and 25.46 Euros for a credit card. It should be borne in mind that fees can be freely charged.

This average is calculated using the data that credit institutions provide Banco de España with, which reflect the fees they have actually charged their customers during a specific quarter. However, if you would like to have separate information on each credit institution or compare between several of them, we’ll let you know how.

To get an idea of the market’s situation, you may access the information provided by credit institutions quarterly, which is published by Banco de España. Follow the steps below to access this information:

After a short introduction about the regulation on the matter, you may click on Check website of financial services’ fees and interest ratesAbre en ventana nueva to begin comparing.

In this particular case, to find out more about certain fees, we should click on Most common financial servicesAbre en ventana nueva. We want to compare between several credit institutions, so then we’ll click on Compare between credit institutions on a dateAbre en ventana nueva.

Select the quarter, the credit institutions we want information about and, in this specific case, the financial service “Debit or credit card with monthly payments”, and by always adding the chosen credit institutions in each of the boxes you may either view or download the information.

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