What happens when the account holder passes away? We answer your questions

When one of our loved ones passes away, all of a sudden we see ourselves having to organise their last will, their finances, and even, what will the money in their bank account be destined for.

If we are the heirs, we will obviously be interested in obtaining information about such bank accounts (transactions, debits, etc.), or in allocating the balance. In such difficult moments it’s normal to have all sorts of doubts. From now on and every Tuesday, we will try to answer your most frequently asked questions.

How can I find out what bank accounts the deceased had?

The best thing is to enquire with the Tax Agency. They will be able to provide you with information on the deceased’s financial yield, that should’ve been reported by the credit institution or institutions where he or she held the account or accounts. Banco de España does not have an account’s registry.

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