The Central Credit Register (CCR) is a database including information on loans (direct exposure) and guarantees/collateral (indirect exposure) granted by banks to their customers. The CCR is not a register of non-performing loans. It provides reporting agents with monthly aggregate information on borrowers with a cumulative exposure in excess of €1,000.

Are CCR data available to the public?

Yes. Anyone can access their CCR data free of charge. However, this information is also confidential, as it is not possible to access other borrowers’ data.

Who can request a report from the CCR? How can I request my report from the CCR?

Any natural or legal person may request the data reported to the CCR in their name by accessing Solicitud de informes de riesgos por los titularesAbre en ventana nueva, and filling out the form Solicitud de informe de riesgos.

Can my bank request the CCR to provide my data?

Any bank may request specific information on any borrower that has applied to it for an exposure instrument (e.g. a personal loan or mortgage) or that is the obligor or guarantor in bills of exchange or promissory notes which the reporting agent has been requested to acquire or negotiate. 

The bank needs to know whether the borrower has obligations to other banks in order to determine what level of exposure it incurs by authorising the loan.

What data does the CCR report contain?

The CCR issues two types of report.

First, the aggregate report, which is provided to both banks and borrowers. It is individual for each natural or legal person and the data given are an aggregate for each loan type, i.e. it does not include a list of all the personal loans that a borrower may have or the banks that granted them or the loan conditions, but it does give the total amount of each loan type and it lists, in summary form, the upper credit limits and the credit drawn down, the types of collateral and the maturities.

The data furnished are taken from the latest monthly information reported to the CCR and from that reported six months earlier. Loans for which the aggregate exposure does not exceed €1,000 at a single bank are not included.

Additionally, the CCR provides – only to borrowers – a detailed credit report which gives details of each loan: the code identifying it, the name of the bank that granted it, more specific details of the debt and the names of any banks that have granted aggregate loans of less than €1,000.

Informes a partir de enero 2021- documento explicativo de las claves utilizadas  (118 KB) (Report since 1 January 2021: meaning of its content and codes used).

Informes hasta diciembre 2020 - documento explicativo de las claves utilizadas  (118 KB) (Report until 31 December 2020: meaning of its content and codes used). 


What happens if the data given are incorrect?

If you think the data are inexact or incomplete, you should inform the bank that furnished the information so it can correct or cancel the errors. You can also submit a complaint to the Banco de EspañaAbre en ventana nueva.

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