Current accounts, deposits accounts and savings-book accounts

Both current accounts and deposit accounts can allow immediate withdrawals. The difference with a savings-book account is that there is a physical record in the form of the savings book.

Basic features

Current accounts are a type of deposit from which customers can withdraw money on demand free of charge.

Opening an account

Before opening an account, the bank must give you detailed information about its main features.

Account holders and access

An account may have one or more account holders. The terms and conditions of a joint account must clearly state how the funds can be accessed.

Duration of the account contract

Account contracts are usually indefinite. Consequently, the conditions may change over the lifetime of the account.

Cashier services

These are services associated with a current account, such as the bank’s executing the customer’s instructions to receive deposits and make payments on the customer’s behalf.

Closing an account

Either the customer or the bank can close a current account at any time.


This is what the bank pays you for depositing your money. At the moment, the interest paid is generally low or zero, although banks may pay more if income or bills are directly credited/debited or if the account does not include cashier services.

Basic Payment Account

Here you will find essential information on basic payment accounts, which aim to ensure maximum financial inclusion throughout the European Union.


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