The maximum single or combined fee that the institution may charge the customer holding a basic payment account will be €3 per month, an amount that the Banco de España may update every two years.

This maximum amount of €3 per month will cover:

  • Unlimited use of certain services: opening, use and closure of the account, deposit of euro cash, euro cash withdrawals from ATMs and payment transactions by debit or prepaid card.
  • 120 annual payment transactions in euros within the EU (direct debits and transfers at the branch and via online services).

In the event that the customer carries out more than this number of transactions, the institution may not charge a fee or charge exceeding the annual computation of the average fees or charges applicable for each type of transaction, which are reported quarterly to the Banco de España and can be consulted at this linkAbre en ventana nueva.


Bear in mind that your bank may charge you, in this type of account, any fees or charges to be paid to another institution as a result of third-party ATM cash withdrawals.


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