The Banco de España helps you compare bank account fees


Would you like to know what fees banks charge for their accounts so you can decide which suits you best?

The Banco de España has updated its bank fee comparison tool, which allows you to compare the fees offered by banks to potential customers. This is based on the pre-contractual information provided to customers by banks themselves in the “fee information document”.  Here the bank states the fees it charges for using the main services associated with the account, which will help you compare these fees with those of other accounts 

You can get this information from home just by following these steps:

  1. Open the Banco de España account compare toolAbre en ventana nueva
  2. Choose the account type that interests you:
    • Account for crediting salary
    • Account for crediting pension
    • Digital account
    • Youth account
    • Basic account
    • Other account
  3. Select the banks you would like to compare; here you have two options:
  4. Select the financial service that you would like to compare; as above, you can choose one, several or even all of them.
  5. You will now be able to view the information, either exporting to Excel if it’s a lot of information or clicking the “compare” button to view it on-screen.
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