Have you already received the annual summary of fees and interest?


Now that the year has begun, we would like to remind you of the information that your bank is obliged to send you in January.

You should receive, separately, information on your accounts and on the banking services you have signed up to over the year.

In the case of your accounts, your bank must provide you with the statement of fees (one for each account you have open). Each document will include all the fees applied during the previous calendar year for the associated services, with unit and total amounts; you will also be informed of the borrowing rate and the overdraft interest rate applied to the account balance and the total amount of interest accrued that year.

With regard to banking services, for example, in the case of loans or credit, you should receive a detailed summary of all the interest charged and paid and the fees and charges accrued for each banking service provided during the previous year.

You can receive these communications by post or electronically if that is the option you have chosen to communicate with your bank, so it is important that you check your inbox on your bank's website or app.

The communication is personal and you will receive it individually, even if you are the joint holder of any banking product. In this case, the total number of joint holders will be indicated and each of you will receive the communication separately.

The annual summary must conform to the model set out in Annex 5 of Banco de España Circular 5/2012 of 27 June.

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