National Police collaborates with Finance for All in the fight against fraud


The National Police’s Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF) and Cybercrime Central Unit (UCC), in collaboration with Finance for All, have launched a series of videos with advice and recommendations to avoid becoming a victim of a financial fraud or scam.

Over the course of five videos, two chief inspectors from these units offer advice by answering questions from anonymous citizens on what to do if you receive a suspicious phone call asking for your bank details, or what precautions to take when investing in order to avoid falling victim to an unregulated investment scheme.

Action Plan against Financial Fraud

This collaboration is part of the Action Plan against Financial Fraud, signed last April by 19 public and private entities, including the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, the CNMV and the Banco de España, promoters of the Financial Education Plan, as well as the state security forces.

One of the objectives of this plan is to equip investors and financial service customers with the tools and knowledge needed to detect and prevent fraud.

We start this video series today with some tips on investing in cryptoassets and we will publish more content over the next few Thursdays.

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