Short-term loans

These are loans that are characterised by their being quick to obtain, but which tend to be more expensive than other borrowing options.

You can usually apply for a loan of this type by filling out a form and providing a piece of ID, a utility bill, and a bank account number.


  •  Confidentiality and the simple application process
  •  Immediate response and payment
  •  Flexible repayment 


  •  Interest is usually higher than for personal loans.
  •  It is often necessary to take out insurance to cover possible default in certain cases.
  • You should compare conditions with other similar offers.
  • Check the annual percentage rate (APR) to find out how much the loan will actually cost.
  • Read and make sure you understand the terms of the loan agreement before signing it, since you have to repay the amount borrowed, together with fees and interest, on time.
  • Budget carefully to avoid possible arrears or excessive debt.


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