What are my rights as a bank customer?


Many, if not all, of us use banking services and may at times have doubts about our rights or how to deal with banks.

The Banco de España, through its Market Conduct and Claims Department, offers a free ombudsman service, either by phone or in writing, to resolve any queries about citizens’ rights as bank customers.

Examples of matters dealt with by this service are whether we have the right to open an account at any bank, what to do if we are finding it hard to pay the mortgage loan instalments on our principal residence or how to close an account when we cannot get to the bank branch where we opened it.

According to its recent Annual Claims Report (only in Spanish), in 2017 the Banco de España fielded 41,056 queries, the vast majority (around 95%) by telephone. The matters in which consumers showed most interest (see charts below) are closely linked to the most topical financial issues of the day and accurately reflect current social concerns.

So, if you have a query, call us on 900.545.454 / 913.388.830 or write to us at contact formAbre en ventana nueva

Source: Claims Report 2017. Banco de España

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