Remote banking services: technology can be our best ally if we use it wisely.

You don’t have time to go to your bank office? Don’t worry. Your bank most probably offers a remote banking service that will save you time. What is a remote banking service? It basically consists in having our bank available 24 hours a day and every day of the year from our computer, tablet PC or smartphone.

To be able to use this service, you must first sign a contract. Read carefully all the conditions – especially those regarding the fees you might be charged – but this service is typically offered free of charge, allowing you to check your balance, make bank transfers, manage your direct debits and even take out banking products.

In order to be able to make secure transactions, your bank will provide you with codes or passwords. It’s usually a “triple key system”, which consists of a signature code, the codes card’s password, and a code sent to your smartphone via SMS.

Even though technology has made things a lot easier, we mustn’t forget that:

  • Taking out products remotely does not limit our rights as consumers. For instance, our bank must still continue to provide us with the corresponding pre-contractual and contractual information.
  • The fact that taking out banking products online is quick and easy must not lead us to take hasty decisions: thanks precisely to technology, you’re able to easily compare between different products and services. Always think carefully about the need or convenience of taking out the product you’re offered.
  • To avoid risks when using your codes or passwords, you should: 
  • Disregard any email or message received from an unlawful source.
  • Never send your codes or passwords by email or show them on social media.
  • Never provide confidential data.
  • Change your signature code frequently.



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