Online banking


Technology allows us to carry out almost all of our banking transactions online: checking balances, making transfers, consulting pension plans, opening an account, taking on an investment fund, or renewing a deposit... and most of the time for free. A branch that is always open for us, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, on our computer, tablet, and smartphone.

There are more and more banking customers that opt not to go to the bank office. Signing a specific online banking contract will be enough. Our bank will then provide us with the necessary user and passwords that will allow us to operate.

To guarantee the security in transactions, banks offer us a “triple key system,” consisting of:

  • Signature key
  • Codes card password
  • Code sent via SMS to our mobile phone

And on our part, in order to avoid any risk, we must:

  • Distrust all emails or messages that aren’t received from a legitimate source.
  • Never give out our passwords via email.
  • Never provide confidential information.
  • Regularly change our signature key.

Online banking offers many possibilities in exchange for just following minimum safety standards.

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