How much was the annual cost charged to current accounts by banks in the third quarter of 2018?


This information is sent quarterly to the Banco de España together with other financial services and is available to you for consultation.

In the third quarter of 2018, in accounts where:

  • wages or pensions are paid by direct deposit
  • cheques can be used
  • debit and credit cards can be used

analysis of the amounts most frequently charged shows that the average was €75.10 per year.

To learn about the itemised information sent by each bank, check the website consulta web de comisiones y tipos de interés de los servicios financieros/Servicios financieros más frecuentes/Información pública trimestralAbre en ventana nueva.

Remember that your bank is obliged to send you the annual summary of interest and fees ratesAbre en ventana nueva

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