Pre-contractual Information Form (FIPRE) and Personalized Information Form (FIPER)


Among the banking products and services there is a wide range of offers and a lot of information which can sometimes be really complex.

Consumers usually feel they are at a disadvantage with respect to credit institutions. In order to help them compare and choose the right offer, laws compel credit institutions to provide them with information free of charge, through normalized forms.  

When asking for information about a specific product, credit institutions must provide the Pre-contractual Information Form or FIPRE

Containing clear and sufficient information about the product offered.

For guidance purposes. 

Available in all marketing channels the credit institution may offer.

If we are interested in the offer, once we have informed about our needs, preferences and financial situation, we shall be provided with a Personalized Information Form or FIPER 

With personalized information about our request. 

Useful to compare.

Before we get obliged by any contract or offer.


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