Customer/bank relations should be based on written agreements and documentation


Bank customers often submit claims relating to discrepancies with the bank about certain verbal orders, instructions and agreements.

In cases like this, where there is no written evidence, the Banco de España has no elements of judgment to opt for one or the other version. Therefore, it cannot rule for or against any of the two parties.

The Banco de España issues a reminder that customer/bank relations should be reflected in written documents that are accepted by both parties.

Claims service procedures are guarantee-based and their purpose is not to pit customers against banks, but rather to review the documentation accepted by the two parties. It is therefore essential to always reflect in writing any instructions, requests and agreements and to keep copies of the related documents, which should be stamped and/or signed as proof of receipt. We recommend that customers request that their copies be signed at their bank branch, so they can always provide clear evidence of consent and of the exact terms agreed.

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