What an authorised signatory can and cannot do


The powers of a third party authorised to operate your account will depend on what has been established in the authorisation form signed. If the mandate is of a more general nature, the authorised signatory can operate the account in the same way as the account holder and, unless otherwise agreed or there are reasonable grounds for refusal, can:

  • Access the account balance to sign cheques, withdrawals and any other necessary documents.
  • Request information without the consent of the account holder.

However, authorised signatories may not close an account, unless such powers have been provided for in the account agreement. Nor can they change the terms of the agreement, request that the account be frozen or use the account after the account holder’s death.

Moreover, the account holder may revoke authorisation at any time, notifying the bank in writing, stating the time from which the authorised signatory will cease to be able to operate the account.


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