Can I remove my name from a joint account without notifying the other holders?


If you are a joint account holder and, for whatever reason, you wish to have your name removed from the account, you can do so with no need for permission from the other party or parties. That said, in such cases the bank may change the original account or open a new one.

  • First you should go to your bank and ask, in writing, for your name to be removed from the account. The bank should inform the other account holders of this change.

  • Your request should be met with no need for permission from the other joint holders, provided there is no good reason for their consent being required, such as, for example, a debit balance on the account or contracts linked to the account in your name.

Accordingly, the decision to remove your name from a joint account is a unilateral decision, with no need for permission from either the bank (unless there is a time limit established in the contract) or the other joint holder(s).

If you have any questions in this respect, you can contact us by telephone (34 900.545.454/ 34 913.388.830), in writing, using the contact formAbre en ventana nueva or by letter addressed to Banco de España, Market Conduct and Claims Department, C/ Alcalá 48, 28014, Madrid, or in person at the Banco de España headquarters in MadridAbre en ventana nueva or at any of its branch officesAbre en ventana nueva.

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