Did you know you can change euro banknotes and coins at the Banco de España?


One of the services the Banco de España offers is to change euro banknotes and coins to different denominations.

If it is coins you wish to change, you need to know that:

  • You can hand over up to 1,000 coins, provided they are separated by face value, or up to 200 coins otherwise. There are no limits in the case of 1 to 20 cent coins using coin collection machines. 
  • If you wish to receive coins, the limit will be 1,000 coins in standard packaging and/or 200 coins unpackaged.

To use this service, free of charge, you can go either to the Banco de España’s headquarters (C. Alcalá, 48, Madrid) or to any of its branch offices  (98 KB).

For more information (available only in Spanish), go to the  Banco de España’s Virtual OfficeAbre en ventana nueva

If you have any questions in this respect, you can contact us by telephone (34 900.545.454 / 34 913.388.830), in writing, using the contact formAbre en ventana nueva or by letter addressed to Banco de España, Market Conduct and Claims Department, C/ Alcalá 48, 28014, Madrid, or in person at the Banco de España headquarters in MadridAbre en ventana nueva or at any of its branch officesAbre en ventana nueva.

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