How to submit a claim to your branch


The first step in settling a dispute with the bank is to submit a written claim against your bank to your branch of the bank.

The bank must accept it and process it diligently. It is important that you keep a copy of your sealed letter of complaint as proof of the formality you have just carried out.

For example, if you had not received a reply within the appropriate period and you wanted to transfer your claim to the Banco de España, you would need the sealed letter as proof of having completed the previous claim procedure with the bank.

Another of the options available for submitting claims is e-mail. If you opt for this channel of communication, please note:

  • You must send the claim to the e-mail address established by the Customer Service Department (or Customer Ombudsman, as appropriate).
  • Keep proof of sending the e-mail by means of a screenshot, together with the acknowledgement of receipt.
  • Bear in mind that banks may require that the e-mail is electronically signed by the claimant or, where appropriate, by a representative.
  • You must have an acknowledgement of receipt from the bank so that a claim made in this way is considered valid.

If I am not a customer of the bank, do I still have the right to make a claim?

Yes, as long as you have been a user of a financial service provided by the bank in which the transaction took place. For example, if you have an incident with your card at an ATM, you can make a claim regardless of whether you are a customer.

You can consult the contact details of the Customer Service Department (and, where applicable, the Customer Ombudsman) of the financial institutions supervised by the Banco de España hereAbre en ventana nueva.

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