How to submit a claim against your bank


Do you disagree with fees charged by your bank? Do you want to return a direct debit? Was your card fraudulently used to make purchases? Or, did your bank transfer not reach its beneficiary? Take actions.

The first thing you should do is submit a claim against your bank and, if within a month (for consumers) or two months (for non-consumers) it hasn’t been resolved or responded, you may then submit it to Banco de España.

How and where should I submit the claim? It’s very easy:

  • Gather all the documents you can provide. For instance, the product contract you are claiming about, bank statements showing all the transactions with which you disagree, written communications with the bank.
  • Once you’ve gathered all the documents and information you have two choices, both of which are valid:

1) Go to your bank, try solving problem there and if it is not possible to do so at the same office or at any other branch, fill in the claim form. If no form is available, you may use an ordinary sheet of paper to write your name and surname, DNI (Spanish National ID number), bank details, and the reason for claiming. It is important to get your documents stamped and to keep a copy, to prove that you have already taken this step.

2) Write a letter stating your claim and send it by certified mail, with confirmed receipt, or by bureaufax to the bank. Although it isn’t essential, it’s advisable to send it to the bank’s Customer Care Service or its Customer's Ombudsman. All banks are required to provide one of these services; however having a Customer’s Ombudsman is optional. By following this link Abre en ventana nueva Abre en ventana nueva you will find the address to which you can send your claim letter:

  • Write the reason of your claim clearly and briefly.
  • If you do not agree with the reply, or a month has passed since you filed your claim without obtaining an answer, you may then submit it to Banco de España.

How can you send your claim to Banco de España? There are two valid options:

  1. In writingAbre en ventana nueva: By delivering it in person to the General Registry of Banco de España or at any of its branches, or by sending it by post to the Market Conduct and Claims Department.
  2. Online:Abre en ventana nueva You must access the Virtual Office. In this case, a valid digital certificate accepted by Banco de España is required as a previous step to enable such access.

Don’t forget to attach a copy of the claim submitted against your bank (and if applicable, the subsequent response), together with all the documents you can provide. If additional documents are required, Banco de España will request them by letter. 





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