COVID 19 Rentals: financing for tenants


In support of the most vulnerable families and groups whose income and economic capacity have been affected by the COVID-19 health crisis, the Spanish government approved various urgent measures. As part of this package of measures, transitional assistance has been provided for aimed at rental payments on main residences.

This rental assistance is based on the following assumptions:

  • It takes the form of loans that can be granted by credit institutions free of interest or costs and that will be secured by State guarantee.
  • It is granted to tenants who are residents in Spain and are in a situation of economic vulnerability as a result of the health emergency caused by COVID-19 and who meet the requirements of Ministry of Transport Mobility and Urban Agenda (MIMAT) Order TMA/378/2020 of 30 April.
  • It is intended exclusively for the payment of rent.

For information about the requirements to be met, the documentation to be submitted, the application form and other important details, click on the link below: en ventana nueva

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