The Banking Customer Portal gets over one million visits per month


The Banking Customer Portal had over one million visits per month in January. This milestone confirms the steady increase in the number of times people visit our website to resolve their queries, use our tools and consult data to plan their finances.

The Portal offers consumers general interest content in approachable, simple language. The information is aimed at citizens, especially individuals and small businesses, who it offers details of the main banking products and services and tools and resources to carry out their usual formalities and paperwork.

Last year, the most visited sections were the simulators (1,280,000 visits), interest rates (449,328), the Banco de España’s Central Credit Register (CIRBE) (187,643) and the pages dedicated to enquiries and complaints (202,843).

Also noteworthy was the number of visits to the Portal's blog (1,113,795), where readers searched for, among other topics, the calculation of mortgage repayments, the removal of a loan from the registry, how to cash a cheque and what to do when a bank account holder dies. In addition, quizzes and games with financial education questions, which test people's knowledge with a view to improving financial literacy, were also very popular with readers.

The Banking Customer Portal continues its efforts to improve and adapt its content to the public’s information needs and to remain one of the benchmark websites for consumers.

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