Full-service rental: an option for individuals too


When buying durable goods, such as a car, the full-service rental option is also worth taking into account for private individuals. This long-term rental, of between 36 and 48 months, allows you to enjoy a new vehicle with all the added services in exchange for a monthly fee.

Full-service rental saves you from having to pay a major down payment and, moreover, the monthly fee is a fixed expense with no surprises. This normally includes maintenance, breakdown repairs, insurance and taxes.  But remember that at the end of the term the car will not be yours.

However, full-service rental or purchase is a decision that depends on the use you are going to make of your car. If you intend to keep it for to eight or ten years, purchasing works out better. Also, bear in mind the applicable tax regime, since the self-employed and SMEs can deduct VAT, but private individuals cannot.

Let us take a simple example of purchasing a car to own with financing as compared to the full-service rental of a car paying the monthly instalment:

Price 19.900 €
Registration and circulation tax 360 €
Fully comprehensive insurance 3.840 €
Maintenance and replacement of tyres 1.450 €
Financial expenses 3.860 €
Sale of the car after four years 9.600 €
Total spent in four years due to purchase 19.810 €
Total spent in four years due to full-service rental (387 € al mes) 18.576
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