Finance for All, a change of image


Finance for All, the Financial Education PlanAbre en ventana nuevabrand, has been revamped to underscore its main attributes: the usefulness, reliability, rigour and neutrality of the contents provided thereunder.

The Plan's main communication channel is the www.finanzasparatodos.esAbre en ventana nueva website, where you can find contents and resources for all ages, to help you better manage your personal finances. The website is also undergoing a makeover.

And now... the time has come to redesign our logo!

As you can see in the video below, the first letter in Finance is transformed into a symbol resembling both a bar chart and a negative of the letter F.  In addition, the new logo reflects one of the principles inspiring the Financial Education Plan, namely, its inclusiveness, conveyed by a circle in a warm colour to show the inclusive nature of an educational initiative targeted at all segments of the population.

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