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The worldwide Global Money Week 2021Abre en ventana nueva campaign organised by the OECD with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of financial education for young people from an early age, will be held during the week of 22 to 28 March.

With the theme “Take care of yourself, take care of your money”, this initiative aims for young people to gradually acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour they need to make sound financial decisions for achieving financial well-being.

The Banco de España remains committed to financial education and to our role as national coordinator of the initiatives planned for Global Money Week. Keep an eye out for the activities that will take place in Spain next week. Many of these activities (seminars, talks, workshops, competitions, webinars, etc.) will be online due to the pandemic.

This year’s edition is just around the corner! The global launch of Global Money Week 2021 will take place on Monday 22 March at 12:00. It will be an online event streamed live around the world with the participation of some of the world’s leading authorities on financial education. Don’t miss it!

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