Get involved in Global Money Week 2023!


Next week we will be celebrating the 11th edition of Global Money Week (GMW)Abre en ventana nueva. Organised by the International Network on Financial Education (OECD/INFE), this is an annual global campaign raising awareness on the importance of young people, from an early age, acquiring the financial knowledge necessary to make more informed financial decisions and ultimately improve their financial position in adulthood.

This year the GMW activities will be held from 20 to 26 March on the theme of “Plan your money, plant your future”, which aims to highlight the significance of social, economic, environmental and financial sustainability in long-term financial decisions.

Most of the activities in Spain will be organised by banks partnering in the Financial Education Plan.Abre en ventana nueva Over the coursedf of the week, the news section of the Finanzas Para TodosAbre en ventana nueva website will publish daily articles on personal finances targeted at young people, discussing topics such as saving, budgeting, debt, payments and banking, investment and insurance products. Each post will come with a questionnaire to put the reader’s financial knowledge to the test.

The permanent GMW slogan is “Learn. Save. Earn.” Based on those principles, the GMW organisers have created a guide that includes example activities on financial education for children and young people through traditional and digital means.

The GMW 2023 global launch takes place on 20 March at 13:00. The event will be held online and streamed around the world. Sign up here!

Follow the campaign on social media using the hashtags #GlobalMoneyWeek2023 #GMW2023 #PlanYourMoney #PlantYourFuture

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