Have you bought something online and not received what you were expecting? This might interest you.


If you authorised a payment for a purchase with your debit or credit card and have not received the service or product you paid for, you may have fallen victim to a fraudulent website. In this case, banks are not responsible for any scam you may fall prey to during the transaction.

Card transactions are irrevocable payment orders. This means that, as with transfers, banks are not authorised to reimburse the amount paid without the beneficiary’s consent.

Therefore, if you request a card chargeback from your bank, the bank’s responsibility is limited to diligently handling the claim with the company that owns the system (VISA, MasterCard, 4B, etc.) to verify the authentication of the transaction. If you authorised the payment in good faith, it will become apparent that you approved the transaction. In that case, the only option for getting a refund is for the beneficiary to consent to it, which does not seem likely in the event of a scam.


To avoid falling into the trap, be extremely careful when making purchases on unknown websites or on shopping platforms that do not offer guarantees, as they could be used by scammers. This post provides a series of tips to help you spot them. 



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