Detective Sara Gómez investigates internet fraud


Do you know who Miss Marple is? Does the name Philip Marlowe ring a bell? Don’t you remember them? No worries. You’re surely familiar with Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes... They are all great detectives who have provided us with many memorable moments in books, TV and cinema.

Well, get ready, because our new investigator, Sara Gómez, is going to join this group of detectives to unravel the mysteries of the world of finance and banking. Our brand new character will explore issues ranging from internet fraud and revolving credit cards to inheritances and many more.

Don’t miss this series! Let Sara Gómez be your guide and take note of the banking tips she will offer you after each case. They are essential for managing your personal finances... Elementary, my dear!


The first case will bring us face-to-face with internet fraud. Join detective Gómez in her quest and visit our section on 

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