2020 Annual Complaints Report


The Banco de España has published the Annual Complaints Report. It includes data on the complaints and enquiries submitted by the general public in 2020 and the best practice criteria applied by the Bank.

You may find this information particularly useful in your dealings with your bank. The Report has a highly detailed table of contents listing all the banking products and the related issues, including actual cases illustrating the practical application of the criteria used by the Banco de España to resolve them. If you have any doubts about any banking product, it’s more than likely that the Report has the solution.

The 2020 Annual Complaints Report also includes charts explaining, among other matters, the rules and regulations in force and refers to the financial product calculators on the Bank Customer Portal.

The Report also details the work conducted in 2020 to address the doubts raised by the general public about the measures stemming from the declaration of the state of alert and the application of the measures approved since then relating to the arrangement of banking products.

Check out our Press releaseAbre en ventana nueva, an explanatory videoAbre en ventana nueva and the ReportAbre en ventana nueva itself (only Spanish-language versions are available). The Report contains further information on useful topics and is an instructional tool to financially educate the general public. Don’t ignore it!

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