2022 Finance for All Awards


The Financial Education Plan organises the Finance for All Awards every year.

This year it was awarded to the joint candidacy of the three banking associations AEB, CECA and UNACC in the Financial Education Plan implementation category and to the Universidad de León for the best financial education initiative, respectively.

The financial education project developed by the three banking associations, AEB, CECA and UNACCC, has a long track record of commitment to the dissemination of financial education. Now, with the additional commitment to the inclusion of groups with poorer digital skills, they are centralising a wide range of tools in the "Financial and Digital Classroom", enabling the development of digital and financial skills among the most disadvantaged groups.

The Universidad de León, in turn, through its Financial Education Teaching Innovation Group, has developed the game "Create your banknote", which provides a playful approach to finance in secondary school classrooms. This initiative is the latest in a series of other initiatives.

The awards will be presented on 3 October, at the main event of Financial Education Day, which on this occasion will be held in Barcelona.

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