Advertising of financial products: key aspects


Advertising offers our first contact with the financial product or service we are interested in, helping us understand it and to choose the product that best suits our needs. It also plays a very important role when it comes to comparing the many different possibilities offered in an increasingly complex market.

For this reason, advertising of financial institutions must be balanced, clear, sufficient, impartial and not misleading.

When reading advertising, please check:

  • The main aspects of the product, amount, period, interest rate, fees and other expenses
  • The Annual Percentage Rate, an indicator that enables you to compare offers of equal or different characteristics.
  • If special conditions are needed to buy the product, i.e. to be a new customer, to be of a certain age, to have a salary, etc.
  • The campaign is still valid
  • The financial institution offering the product
  • The small print


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