• Never keep a note ofyour PIN with your card, or in your handbag, purse or wallet. It is safest to memorise it.
    • Avoid using a  predicable number for your PIN, such as your birthday, ID card number, etc.
    • Show some form of identification when using the card.
    • Take care of your privacy when using your card in shops and at cash machines (ATMs).If you do not use your card often, check from time to time that you still have it in your possession
    • Check your account statements to identify any suspicious transactions.
    • Keep the emergency phone number provided by your bank where it is easy to find, but never with the card. 
    • Never leave your card number in plain sight or disclose it to anyone.
    • Keep any documents with your name and card number on them, such as receipts, in a safe place or else destroy them.
    • Do not use your credit card as a means of identification.
    • When using your card online you should use at least three of the following security measures: PIN, signature, security code card, text message, password, security token, fingerprint, etc.
    • You can repay the credit over a period of time, with instalments that vary according to the outstanding balance or how much you wish to pay, within the limits set by the bank.
    • Each repayment you make increases the credit available on the card, such that the capital repaid will be available again as credit.
    • Interest, fees and other expenses can also be paid on credit, as well as the cost of your purchase.
    • If you choose to pay only a small amount of the accumulated debt each month, it will take longer to pay off and you will have to pay more interest.
    • Also, if your payments do not cover the interest accrued over the period, the outstanding debt will increase.
    • It is possible for your outstanding debt to increase rather than decrease even if you make all your monthly payments without fail over a number of years.


    Use our calculator to find the date of the last repayment to clear an existing credit card debt (assuming no further purchases).

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