Cash deposits at the branch

What happens if there is a discrepancy about the cash you deposited into a current account?

After you file a complaint with the bank’s Customer Service Department, the issue may be raised with the Market Conduct and Claims Department.

Please be aware that the complaint can only be analysed on the basis of documentary proof and that any statements made verbally will not be taken into consideration. Therefore, if you find yourself in this situation, it is important that you submit any receipt you may have of the transaction.

In these cases, the Department requires the bank to present proof that the deposit was made correctly and that no incidents arose during the procedure. Specifically, the bank must provide a list of the transactions in its electronic records and a cash count for that date. However, the cash count will only be decisive if there is a surplus of cash that matches exactly the amount you claim; any other result would be inconclusive.

In any event, bear in mind that the courts of justice ultimately have the last word in these matters. Only they have the power and means to settle the matter definitively by hearing all the evidence.


For further information, please check our 2020 Complaints Report (in Spanish)Abre en ventana nueva

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