Work out the due date of a revolving card’s last instalment

Do you want to know when you will finish paying the debt on your revolving credit card and the amount of interest you have paid?

Revolving credit, mostly in the form of cards, is one of the services offered most frequently by credit institutions (particularly by specialised lending institutions) to customers so that they can acquire consumer goods and obtain cash quickly. It consists of a small amount of principal subject to high interest which, because it is repaid in very small monthly instalments, takes several years to clear. In many cases, the instalments chosen may not even cover the interest accrued, in which case paying back the loan can be delayed considerably, which ultimately increases the debt to such an extent, that it is very difficult to settle it with this form of payment.

You can perform several calculations and if you click on “See details”, you will be able to see graphs of the different options, repayment tables, and download them in Excel and PDF format.

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  • This calculator is designed to determine when a credit card debt matures, assuming that it is repaid in equal monthly instalments and provided that the interest rate remains unchanged.

    Calculations have been simplified as follows, so that the simulator can be used with in as many cases as possible:

    • Instalments are paid on a monthly basis
    • Every month of the year has the same number of days
    • It is assumed that, from when the calculation is performed, customers do not make any more drawdowns and pay all of the instalments when they fall due.

    Due to these simplifications, the due date obtained by this calculator may differ from the due date of your credit, although this difference should be minor.

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