Loan instalment (mortgage or personal) if there is a grace period

Do you want to calculate your loan payment if there is an exemption period?

This calculator lets you work out the initial instalment of a loan with a grace period and a specific interest rate and term.

Please note that the calculator gives you the option to either pay nothing during the exemption period or only pay interest.

You can also download the repayment tables to see the amounts of interest and capital payable over the term of the loan.

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  • This simulator is only intended for loans that are are repaid in equal monthly instalments provided that the interest rate remains unchanged. However, in this case when the grace period ends, instalments will vary.

    Calculations have been simplified as follows, so that the calculator can be used with in as many cases as possible:

    • Instalments are paid on a monthly basis
    • Every month of the year has the same number of days
    • The first payment is made, if interest is paid during the grace period, exactly one month after the loan has been arranged and if there is a grace period, the first payment will be made once the full number of months you indicated as your payment holiday has elapsed.

    Due to these simplifications, the amount of the instalments obtained using this calculator may differ with respect to those of your loan. However, these differences should be minor.

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