Cashing a cheque

You can cash a cheque in one of the following ways: 

  • In cash. This is free of charge if you cash it at the branch where the drawer holds his or her account.  If you cash it at another branch, you may be charged for checking the balance and signature.
  • By depositing it in an account in your name at the same bank as is due to pay the cheque (drawee). This is also free.
  • By depositing it in an account at a bank other than that paying the cheque. A fee will normally be charged.

The bank will give you a receipt with the main details (cheque number, amount and drawee) when you pay a cheque into an account.


The established term for cashing a cheque issued and payable in Spain is 15 days from when the cheque was written (the issue date), according to Law on Negotiable Instruments (in Spanish)Abre en ventana nueva


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