Certified cheque fee

If you ask for a cheque that you have issued to be certified, i.e. for the bank to guarantee that you have funds in the account and that the cheque will be paid (Article 110 of the Law on Cheques and Bills of ExchangeAbre en ventana nueva), the bank may charge you a fee that tends to be a percentage of the amount of the cheque, with a minimum per transaction.

Example: fee of 0.2% and minimum of €6

  • Amount of the cheque: €1,500

1,500 x 0.002 = €3. As this amount is below the minimum amount established, they would charge the minimum amount, i.e. €6.

  • Amount of the cheque: €12,000

12,000 x 0.002 = €24

If the drawee bank were to certify the cheque by telephone, an additional fee could be charged.

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