Postage costs

Postage costs include the cost of sending any document that keeps customers informed of their situation (there can be no profit for the credit institution for this concept).

These costs may be charged when you agree to the documents being sent in addition to or more frequently than is mandatory, or when information is transmitted by means of communication other than those specified in the contract, as long as the information is provided at the request of the user of the service.

What requirements must be met in order to charge these costs?

  • The costs charged to the customer must be appropriate and in keeping with the costs effectively borne by the provider. The bank cannot charge more than the costs it actually incurs.
  • In order for the bank to be able to charge these costs, you must be informed previously of the terms and conditions and you must expressly accept them. If you have given unequivocal instructions not to receive any communication in this way, they cannot charge you these costs.

When they send you the mandatory information required by the regulations, you cannot be charged.

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