Over-the-counter cash withdrawal fee

When you go to the branch where you have your account to withdraw cash over the counter, banks do not usually charge you a fee as it is included in the so-called "basic cash service", and in these cases it is reimbursed through the maintenance fee.

However, there are banks that expressly exclude this transaction from the basic cash service and charge you a fixed amount. In these cases, pay attention to the alternative the bank gives you to withdraw cash from your account free of charge and confirm whether this is provided for in the contract or whether you have been informed of it in any change to the contract conditions.

What requirements must be met in order to charge this fee?

  • The fees charged by banks are unrestricted, except in cases where they are limited by law. In the case of the over-the-counter cash withdrawal fee, there is no legal limit.
  • The bank must inform you of the fee amount before the transaction is performed.
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