Fee for issuing and maintaining bank cards

The fee for issuing a bank card consists of a fixed amount that is paid when the card is issued. The card maintenance fee is also a fixed amount that is charged with the frequency established in the contract you have signed; it is usually charged annually.

You can consult the fee for issuing or maintaining debit and credit cards that banks apply to the accounts currently offered by banks to individuals in the Banco de España's comparison tool.

What requirements must be met in order to charge this fee?

  • The fees charged by banks are unrestricted, except in cases where they are limited by law. In the case of issuance and maintenance fees, there is no limitation, so each bank can establish the fee it chooses.
  • In order for the bank to be able to charge this fee, you must be previously informed of its conditions and you must expressly or tacitly accept them.
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